Day 5, You’re a girl

I don’t mean “it’s a girl!” or “let’s hear it for the girl’s” or “you go girl!”. I’m talking about a shitty comment, usually by a man, said with a sneer and squinted eyes.  If men love women so much, why do you put us down? Count us out? Discourage us?

OK I can’t do a blanket statement here. First of all I know that not all men love women – some love men, and some women love women. I’m totally cool with that. This isn’t about you – it’s about me. So generally speaking, men and women are built and wired differently. I read the book Men are From Mars a long time ago and loved it. Men are born with a gene that makes them want to act like an arrogant ass hole, pound their chest and try to prove how big their balls are. Women have the gene that makes us drama queens who bitch and cry all the time. But I have some bad news for you gent’s – our balls are so big God put them on our chest. We win.

So while I’m on the subject of stereo types, lets throw in all forms of hate. All of these are taught and learned behavior. No one is born thinking they are the better race/sex. It’s taught. As Denis Leary said “Racism isn’t born, folks, it’s taught. I have a two-year-old son. You know what he hates? Naps! End of list.” Other things that are taught – to doubt yourself, to feel ugly/stupid/not worthy etc. In 5th grade my teacher told me I couldn’t spell and I would always have to carry a dictionary with me (God made spell check just for me) and guess what? I believed him. My parents NEVER put me down, belittled me, screamed at me, called me names or told me I wasn’t good enough. Never. Yet others still got to me.

I was always a ‘tom-boy’ and as a teen found my love for cars. Never will I get tired of impressing someone with my knowledge of cars. I honestly don’t know that much, but just enough to bluff my way past a critic. I had a friend bragging on me to a guy once, and he called my bluff. He said “OK if you know so much, How do you check the level of transmission fluid?” What an amateur - this just proved how little he knew. “with the motor running and your transmission in park.” His jaw hit the floor. If dude would have known better, he would have asked me the firing order of a Chevy 350. No, I don’t know. Google it.

At 15 I was hauling a truck and horse trailer to horse shows, and by 25 I had my Class A CDL. Did I ever want to drive a big rig? Hell no. Did I want to take the test to prove I could do it, and get a better score than the guys? Hell yes. And I did, a 99 out of 100 thankyouverymuch. Have I continued to do things my whole life just to prove something to someone else, even when I didn’t want to… yep.

I know I’m all over the place today.

Back to the comment. There a thousands of things some women can to better than men, and vice versa. So what. Get over it already. Yes it will piss me off till the day I die to hear those words – that’s my own demon to deal with. Most of the time it comes out of the mouth of an insecure, jealous ass hole who is scared to death of you. So guys keep this thought to yourself – you sound like an idiot when you say it. And girls, the next time someone says this to you – just say thank you, puff those balls out proud, and move on.



  1. J'Mali Tamboca says:

    Pretty interesting stuff you got here. Fun to read. You sound nice. Keep it going. I’ll read and smile.

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