Where the hell have I been?

My last post was July 18th, and Papa Shank was shocked after he read it… Honestly I think he was a little pleased that I had included him on this journey of mine.

I noticed a few things:

Looking at the stats on my site (that I have not posed anything on in over 4 months) I had 8 hits today. Hu. Is there a few of you who check back often to see if I have written anything new? ~please give a comment below to let me know you stopped by~

All I have written are race stories.

I want to write about all kinds of things/thoughts/stories on this site.

And that I have written many of these in a hurry, and have misspelled or didn’t use punctuation, and have held a few things back about each story – I guess that’s so you have to buy the book.


So here I sit at 11:50pm, drowsy on my melatonin and generic Benadryll. (sp??)

.. choosing to write again, and wanting to do it more often. (notice I didn’t promise?)

Please do leave a comment below if you read this, just so I know you will be holding me accountable…


  1. Cindy Schulte says:

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog so far! I’m looking forward to new entries! :)

  2. I poke my head in every once in a while to see what’s new with THE Queen ;-)

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